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Why my journey might be important for you

My story

When I have to write about myself, it does not come so easy. It is one of my biggest challenges if I need to explain my emotions. I find it difficult to describe an emotion or a feeling just using words. However, in this case, I want to talk about me, a bit of my story and why one day I chose to become a Motivational Life Coach.


this is a way to know me better. If you feel empathy, it is a good sign, and I might be the right Life Coach for you! I am originally Italian, living in London for the last 8 and a half years. I used to live in Spain for a few years, before moving to London.

I am a mum of a beautiful six years old boy, and I use to call him "my motivational source.". I have done so much in my life since I had my son. Living in a big city like London, being a foreigner in a different Country with a different culture it did not help when I became a single mum. I want to tell you a story about that moment in my life and what I learnt from my past, how I look at it, and how I overcame challenges. 

The relationship with my son's father ended. The way it ended up caused a big emotional breakdown. Even if we tried to keep a good relationship between us, the journey was not easy at all. I found myself with a baby, unemployed, without my family close to me and being a foreigner (lol)!

Fortunately, I could count on good friends. You can recognise them when you have these type of moments in your life. It is true that they can't solve your issues, nor challenges, nor live your life. However, they can be a valid support overall even just for a chat. Keep close the right friends and be a good friend also. I remember I felt like that was the big time in my life when I had, to act fast, and if I could pass the test, I was going to be proud of myself. The main thing it was to reorganise my life, making sure I had definite ideas in my mind about my short term goals and putting the ideas into a plan. Moreover, follow it. I knew I had to become X3 times wiser, X3 times more aware, X3 times more responsible.

Every decision I was going to take, it was going to be for two people, and it was not just about me anymore.

Dealing with that critical change it was overwhelming for me. I could not solve everything at the same time. I was not a superwoman, but I was willing, to become. I did put myself together, and I found myself thinking about all the things I needed to do and identify the priority. A new job was at the top of my list. I checked which one I could do at that moment based on my experience and personality. 

After a long research, not before having a good break with myself and just when my mind was ready, I found the job I wanted! It was a good company, and I was so happy to work in Canary Wharf. I celebrated myself!

My work career took a big change and kept improving and improving. I did celebrate myself several times in a few years, and this is called “Satisfaction”.

It is not just about celebrations, I can say.  

The events I lived were not always so peaceful, and the rewards did not rain from the sky. I had to face bad moments; sometimes, I was calling my best friend crying on the phone. I knew I had 100% responsibility for my choices. Day by day, despite the events in between, I was making stronger myself.

My educational priority was to teach my son about happiness, love, and confidence. It was a phase, and I truly believed that. I had the vision about myself turning upside down my own life, what was worrying me it was the fact that I did not know when it was going to happen.

My temperament did not help. – I could learn how to manage  it few years later.-. 

My commitment was high. Moreover, it became even higher when I asked for support.

Why did I do that? I felt, and I could see myself stuck in some events, I knew I needed professional guidance for some matters.

There were moments where I could not understand where I was standing, and I needed to clarify some points with myself.

Alternatively, just because, I wanted to know more about myself.

The personal discovery journey is my favourite interest ever :D

Human psychology says that we tend to run away from what we do not like about ourselves. The big lesson is to learn how to accept the negative sides of us, and all of us. Then work accordingly to improve them and gain more harmony. It is like change habits; you turn them into new and positive habits.

That means leaving the comfort zone, introducing something new in life and keep it. Adapt yourself to the new pattern, own it. The basic rules are the same; the difference is in the event. If you learn the structure, you will master the change!

What was the outcome? I could gain more confidence, strength, awareness, self-love, and I was ready for the next step.

Like one day I decided to start a new adventure: becoming a Certified Life Coach and work alongside women to empower them and help them how to unleash their potential. Based on my background and the experiences I had to face in my life, I can help women who find themselves confused in life, lost, hopeless. I can provide guidance for those women who are finding difficult to move on from a negative relationship or they can’t still forget the previous partner.   

Hence, if you ask me about my past, I will tell you that it did teach me many Good lessons! It enables me to remember my challenges and how determined I was to overcome them. The type of person I was and what I have become so far.

With Love,


...highlights of my story

  • Why one day I chose to become a Life Coach 
  • "my motivational source." 
  • Single mum
  • How I overcame challenges
  • Big emotional breakdown
  • I found myself with a baby, unemployed, without my family close to me and being a foreigner
  • Reorganise my life
  • Dealing with that critical change
  • Identify the priority
  • I celebrated myself!
  • My commitment was high
  • I needed professional guidance
  • Leaving the comfort zone 
  • Gain more confidence, strength, awareness, self-love, and I was ready for the next step

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