Your journey starts here

First Approach

Drop me a quick message, click the button Ask the Coach or send me an email to I don't need the story of your life or a resume about your present. Just let me know you want to speak with me, and our conversation will start from there.

Ask the coach

Introductory Session

You will have the opportunity to book for free 30' introductory session with me. We will get to know each other. Time to talk about the reasons why you need a Life Coach about your desires and your goals. We will wrap up with a personality test.

16 Personalities test

The Sessions

My role is to make the right questions and understand more about you and your present, how you see life, and what is your approach to life. Your values, your beliefs, your deep desires, your barriers. You will understand the difference between "what you should" and "what you want".

You will find out how to prioritise challenges based on your heart, mind and reality. You will learn how to use The Wheel of Life, hot to work on it and read it. The Wheel of Life will become your motivational and inspirational diary during your personal journey.

Balance & Harmony

Each of us is unique and unique is the reason why you decide to get in touch with me. And the primary reason is enclosed in your balance. When I work with my clients, I like to get a complete overview of them. Over time I have focused my attention on the importance of Balance & Harmony. Find Balance, empowered and more confident, & Find Harmony. Harmony is when you are completely aligned with yourself, mind, heart, soul as one.

Coach & Coachee

Ask these simple questions, and you will find out if we are a good match. Think about something you want to change, as a challenge, or think about change as your personal growth.

Rank the following set of questions from 0 to 10 (10 is the highest):

What is your level of desire towards making this change?

What is your willingness to follow through with making this change?

What is your level of commitment towards making this change?