Coaching Plans

The Express Package

2 sessions + exercises

130 EUR

120 GBP

150 USD

60 minutes per session

If you have something to talk about and you want a Life coach express solution.

Sometimes you just feel the need to talk to a professional, there is something you want to sort it out straight away. Drop me a message and let's talk!

Depending on the topic you want to speak about, if it is dealing with multiple challenges, or recover from bad relationship, I can tell you

What you can solve with the Express Package:

- Get the picture of your balance

- How to classify and categorise your challenges

- Learn the essential steps on how to recover from your bad relationship

- Turn your negative thoughts into a positive mindset!

The Harmony Package

4 sessions + the Life Coach questions + exercises + an extra follow up session after 3 months you finish the plan with me!

300 EUR

270 GBP

335 USD

60 minutes per session.

A tailored plan just for you!

I have created a unique plan to help you achieve your desired harmony. Harmony is when you learn how to listen to your mind, heart and instinct.

Do you know that get an emotional balance will help us to achieve whatever we want in Life?

It doesn't matter who you are, where you are and what you are facing. If you don't have the power to control your emotions, you will keep making mistakes with yourself, with the people around you and the events you are living.

Drop me a message below and I will provide you with all the information you need about the Harmony plan!

Happy to provide you with the information you need

Drop me a message!

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Marika Carrone - Life Coach