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Do you know you have got the ability to control your Emotions and overcome your challenges? Learn more.

How I can help you and what you will achieve!

Recovering from past relationship!

You are finding it difficult to move on from your past relationship, and this situation is affecting your present. Do you know that you need to learn how to listen to all your emotions to move on from your sad past? Problems are just in our mind. So, how to forget and move on? I can promise you, you will learn how to listen to yourself, gain more confidence and understand how your personal value is more important than anything else.

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If you are feeling disappointed by someone!

People disappointed you, and you feel angry about that. You just want to yell at them. What if disappointment is a good signal for you? I know what I am saying, and I want to share with you the strategy on how to go from a disappointment status to an emotional balance. You will learn some useful tips, like listen to your emotions and forget about anger. Drop me a message and let's talk.

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If you are dealing with multiple challenges and you don't know where to start!

You are feeling suffocated by your current events, lost and unsure which step to take. Understand how to prioritise your challenges is essential to move forward.  I can help you to get clarity and balance your emotions. And you will be ready to face the problems in your present. It could not be easier than that! I promise you.

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Special gift: "How to achieve your emotional success"

Just send me your email address, and I will send you directly to your inbox "How to achieve your emotional success". This exercise will help you to understand how to categorize, identify and start to take control of your emotions! Enjoy your ME-time! For EU citizens, Condition of use: GDPR 2017, The email you provide will only be used for the purposes for which you have given consent as detailed on the description. You always have the right to revoke and the right to be forgotten.



Cate Herrero

"One friend of mine told me about Marika, and her life coaching practise. I needed some help, I was broken. I could not forget my past relationship, and I was so upset about my ex. Emotions were taking control of me in many ways. Marika had a gentle approach, she taught me how to see life from different perspectives and control better my emotions. Many questions and exercises, big commitment from my side. It was a positive experience and has been my life investment".

Are you fighting with your emotions?

Are you facing multiple challenges and you don't know where to start?

Oops! What is going on in my Life?

Why is all happening to me?

How am I supposed to sort all these problems out?

I want it now!

It would be fantastic if you could just turn the power button on and off, on and off, as much as we like.

Hey Hey Hey... we are not machines. So, we need to learn how to deal with challenges in Life. Even when everything is becoming suffocating.

Do you feel in that way?

When facing those moments, you might feel like you are not enjoying Life anymore like you used to do. It does become a challenge even waking up in the morning, because if you start to think about all the problems you have... it is better to stay in bed. I feel you.

Where is my harmony? Where is my desired balance?

Many women come to me and ask for support. I am there to reassure them that everything will be fine, just take the situation step by step. This is how you will change things. Problems need to be identified as problems first. Then, prioritise, and the last step is to take action on those.

If you are seeking help to reorganise your Life, just drop me a message. I will promise you will achieve more clarity, get the bigger picture, understand what is most vital for you, how to take the next step, and how to live in balance again as a woman. My contribution will be to unleash your potential and help you Restarting. 

Is your past relationship affecting your present?

Low mood, anger, loss of faith and trust in Love, being scared of your new single Life.

Do you recognise yourself?

What many women have to face when a relationship ends up, and it is not what they were looking for, it is a mix of emotions. You look back, and you feel upset about your ex, and the relationship. You are still confused about what happened.

And you are not accepting your single Life.

Would I trust men again?

Is that possible to move on?

How am I supposed to handle this?

Am I going to find the right person after this bad experience?

I do not have the magic wand, I am not a "couple matcher", don't expect I will introduce you your future boyfriend. BUT, what I can promise you it is that you will gain the right confidence as a single woman. I promise you, you will feel stronger to deal with your present and forget your past. Even your ex. And all the negative emotions you are living right now, they will be gone.

As individuals, we do have the power to change things. Confidence can be achieved once you learn the necessary steps to get there. Don't need to feel desperate anymore and alone in this moment of your Life.

Many of my women clients come to me with those negative feelings, and you would not believe me if I say that just after a couple of questions, they feel empowered and ready to Restart again.

My contribution to your Life is to make it possible to make it real!

Yes! enough is enough!

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